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Tiinasmoko turns abandoned into new and redundant into necessary

Tiinasmoko is my – Raija Manninen – company. I colour my habitat in various ways; by taking part in exhibitions, making commissioned work or writing funny stuff. With the help of art and handcraft I teach different handcraft techniques and circular economy knowledge for adults. As a profession I am a teacher and an ethnologist. I work full-time as a curator of education in the Craft Museum of Finland in Jyväskylä.

Tiinasmoko is one of the nicknames that I had as a child. The name Tiinasmoko consist of two parts. Fifty years ago Tiina was a common name for a girl and moko refers to an interior décor store and a lifestyle concept. On my website I present a variety of my works.

I like wandering around different handcraft techniques, either by reading from them, trying them or teaching them. Sometimes I get so enchanted that I forget everything else. I was born near the Russian border and I think that it is why I consider my viewpoint always a little oblique and coming from ouside. Do I belong here or there and where do I really want to go to? On the other hand, being on the border has it all.

My text and the titles of my works are based on one of the many dialects of the Finnish language. That is why it is quite impossible to Google translate them.

Here are some instructions for viewing my website:

Ähräykset (My works) page presents a variety of things that I do.

Vintiltä fokukseen (From attic to focus) means how the forgotten items in the storage can be given a new life. There are tuned furniture, brutalized books, braiding from recycled materials and patchworks of mine.

Epämääräiset hurahdukset (Vague whirls) page is where I present playful handling of found objects, such as bicycle saddles, hubcaps, old suitcases and edible fruits.

Tehtailuja ja muita munailuja (Sales and egg business) page presents my sales objects. I sew small series of bags and clothes. Every year I paint eggs with a pisanka technique.

I also add some tuning tips to my website.

Since I introduce my colorful way of life, I wanted to include also my stamp-size row house backyard. I have shaped the backyard since 2006 and pictures of the process can be found on Ihan pihalla (Totally out there) page.

Ylipitkiä tekstareita (Overlong SMS) refers to text messages that are too long. This part contains my writings in magazines (unfortunately in Finnish only) about domestic rubbish that are illustrated by my works. In my Master’s thesis Rubbish is Luxury I reflect on our attitude towards rubbish and waste. In addition, I ponder how we relate to the fact that one half of the globe can afford to overconsume and the other half must live out of the waste from the first half. Rubbish is not acceptable, but it is an integral part of development and success. Civilization includes the rubbish.